Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Mirabile dictu*

Mood: Fabulous!
Hair: Braided while wet, so staying put for a change
Eyes: Generally very good
Listening to: "Smalltown" (Chumbawumba) -- when the computer isn't being stupid
My cataloging cart is CLEAR!!
The only things on it are weird things I'm waiting to do when my brain is fully functional.

Today, I'll round out the day working on one or two of the projects that have been hanging fire for months/weeks/days.

Urban Word:
Doom Buggy: 1. A car that is wrecked, totaled or not drivable.
2. A very old car that needs a lot of servicing.
3. A car that is a lemon.
4. Any car that either looks like it will, or has fallen completely apart while someone was driving it

I'm beginning to think that my little pick-em-up is morphing into a doom buggy. Everything is breaking this year. Boo.

* for the non-Catholic/non-Latin savvy

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