Saturday, July 12, 2008

Things Racing Through My Mind

  • Last fall (winter?) Beast started painting the kitchen. I finally made a decision on whether I wanted the space above the cupboards enclosed (yes) and we decided on a design for the trim around the top of the cabinets on the soffits. (ooh) As of last weekend, it's all done: the soffits are in, the walls are all painted, the plate rail has been built and stained and installed (all by Beast), and the platters and plates I've collected over time are in place. It's lovely

  • At the same time Beast was doing all this work, I had a sudden spurt of Homemaker-itis, so we now have a curtain in the kitchen window and also cafe curtains in the dining room. The shades in the windows aren't opaque, and I got tired of being on shadowy display as I ate (not that we eat at the table anymore, because I Am a Bad Mom--we use TV tables!)

  • Today I need to dry mop the house. It's rather desperate, this need: allergies have booted up and I'm not having fun. I think I need to dust the fan blades everywhere too. And nightstands, and dressers, and tables...sigh. I really don't like dusting. Thank God for Swiffer, though, because at least dry-mopping is easier now!

  • Last night I went through my Bloglines feeds and deleted several. I'm down to 122 of them. OK, some of you can stop sneering at me now. You know who you are. Of that 122, I can think of at least 15 that are updated no more than four times a year, 20 are friends' blogs and/or comment feeds (or my own), 18 are work-related (one is a consolidating site which 'reads' about 30 other blogs, though...), and 12 are purely for fun (cartoons, etc.). Local news accounts for 5, and since I don't read the paper, they are sort of important to me (otherwise, I wouldn't know things like the fact that there is some lunatic out here in Podunk who wants to start a a building that he owns...and which was condemned two years ago!) Almost 40 of the feeds are meme sites. Gulp.

  • I'm still cleaning up old blogposts from the Dark Ages--I'm all the way up to September 2004.

  • I hate that I have to register to buy my allergy meds right now. Normally, I can just buy the Claritin from the shelf, but if I need Claritin-D, I have to ask at the pharmacy counter, produce ID, and register for my 10 pills at a time. Why? Because it has pseudoephedrine (i.e. Sudafed) in it, and can therefore be used to produce meth. I clearly fit the profile of your average tweaker, too. {eyeroll} Really, I'm just grumpy; I do see the purpose in all this; it is annoying, however.

  • Beast's work situation changed this week. Actually, it didn't really change, but there was a noisy announcement of impending upheaval, which of course means everyone's spending time worrying about that rather than focusing on the job at hand. The good news? Beast spend the last two days taking apart equipment in the lab and cleaning it. Because his title is...Sales Guru and Product Manager. Yeah. That makes sense. Some guy making WELL over $20/hour taking apart the machinery. He does know what he's doing, but shouldn't someone from Maintenance be doing this? Oh, wait: there is no Maintenance; just us chickens. Hence, Beast doing a wonderful Mike Rowe impression.

  • Am I procrastinating? Yup.

    I guess I really should close this down and get some chores done.

It's Saturday!

Urban Word:
daddy badge: Vomit or snot from a baby found around the upper chest or shoulders of their father which shows the world that they are a parent.

I'm so pleased to live in a world where we had to invent a word for this concept. I'm pretty sure my dad rarely--if ever--had a daddy badge.

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