Sunday, July 06, 2008


Mood: Good
Hair: Pony
Eyes: Recuperating, again
Listening to: Ice Road Truckers
  • My books are all caught up.
  • I mopped a lot of floors--kitchen, living room, dining room, front hall.
  • Roomba hates us.
  • The stupid volunteer tree by the back door is chopped down.
  • The garage is reorganized (not by me, but still).
  • We have soap in both dispensers downstairs.
  • Laundry is done for the weekend (again, I didn't do most of it, but still).
  • I have most of Sparky's school registration paperwork finished and ready to take over tomorrow, pending a final question about the cost of yearbooks ($40, or $45??). If he were to start sports this year, it would push the registration/fees to well over $300. Straight up fees with nothing else are over $120. Crazy.
  • Beer-boiled brats and chips for dinner.
  • I love my boys.

Urban Word:
moneymoon: The time after your purchase of a good or service and before 'buyer's remorse' happens.

I think our moneymoon with Roomba is officially over.

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