Thursday, June 12, 2008

Summer means Reading

Today was our first day of Summer Reading Program. Anyone who has worked in a public library is now shuddering. Today, for some reason, they scheduled a program in the evening...and then nothing particularly for the next 10 days. At least, according the calendar page that supposedly lists all the programs; on the other hand, there was supposed to be a teen thing this afternoon, which Sparky specifically asked to come in for...and nothing happened. He didn't tell me till 20 minutes after it was supposed to have ended.


I like the kids: it's fun to see everyone signing up to read (OMGOMG--signing up to READ!). But the drama, the sheer middle-schoolishness of (some of) the staff is just a big p.i.t.a. Two staff members spent an hour of their day today retyping the main flyer because it was so badly-done. Bad layout, no proofing, program explanations that made no sense, the usual denigration of one person's programs to make more space for another set of programs.... sigh

I'm tired. Very very tired. Drained. I thought I was on the emotional upswing, but I'm so tired tonight that those same emotions feel abraded and raspy. I'm just so veryveryvery sick of Schedule Nazi. She kept us waiting--standing around--nearly 10 minutes after closing while she faffed about doing stuff she should have been doing while we were open instead of yippety-yapping about JackShit to anyone unlucky enough to have been in her vicinity.

Still. Life could be worse. We are not flooded out like so many people in the upper midwest, our roads are all passable, there've been no tornado sirens this week* (yet). Beast isn't trapped trying to get home through flooding. I have a comfy bed and wonderful family here in my lovely, cozy house.

Speaking of that bed, I think I'll go inspect it more closely...after changing into pajamas.

Urban Word:
power outage baby: Years ago, the power went out in San Francisco for a long time. Nine months later, there was a certain increase in birthrate. If you were born nine months aftert a power outage, you are a power outage baby.

I have a suspicion that there may be a few power outage babies next year as a result of this year's flooding. At least that's one positive outcome of all this mess.

* UPDATE: As I typed this last night I knew I was tempting fate. So naturally, at 1:00 last night, Beast rousted us all to go downstairs because the siren had gone off. We are fine, nothing happened nearby, but... Me and my big mouth!

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