Thursday, May 01, 2008

Mood: Pretty good (mark that, y'all!)
Hair: Pony right now--I'll be in the shower in awhile, and then it'll be all fabu-curly when I'm done
Eyes: Functional
Listening to: Silence. I love my house!

My neck/shoulder started kicking back in day-before-yesterday. I called the doctor for better drugs--Skelaxin doesn't work for me. Not at all. I have a new scrip for...something else. I didn't even realize how goofy it made me until about 2 hours after taking it. I slept great, woke up a little early, but for the duration of the pill it worked great. Now, if I could just figure out why it's happening, and make it stop.

In spite of the shoulder, and the coolish weather yesterday, I walked downtown, bought a fresh panini, and took it to the park in the middle of town to eat it. It was lovely. Kids playing, guys doing road work--actually, they were on lunch break, and they aren't using big noisy machines anyway--the carillon playing, blue skies and buds on the trees. I need to do this more often.

Sparky and I watched "Beowulf" the other night. Great story--really well-told story--but the CGI was a little lame-o. Grendel's mom wore high heels? I think NOT. Still, a fairly decent retelling of the story, with some updates and finishing. I was pleasantly surprised. In honor of it, I bought a copy of Seamus Heaney's translation of "Beowulf" to reread and keep.

Today is my annual review. I guess I should be tense about it, but I'm not. As I told Beast last night, it's really not that I'm energized about work or whatever. It's more of a "what the fuck, I don't care" attitude. I've cataloged a total of about 60 books so far this week. Usually I'm well into the triple digits by this point, but I don't give a shit.

Some of that lack of attention to cataloging can be explained by the following: We have started a blog at work this week, and set up and Facebook accounts (technically the latter is a group). I've volunteered to coordinate a staff training series on various things, starting with the new color copier that we're supposed to be helping the patrons use, but really focusing on things like how to get Word/Publisher/Excel to do cool things, like rotate or sum or whatever. I'll be talking to the boss about that today, I expect.

If it were about 20 degrees warmer outside right now, I'd drag out a chaise or a towel and lie in the sun all morning. Unfortunately, it hasn't quite hit 50 degrees yet. Maybe I'll take my Icy-Hot bod back to bed for an hour....

Urban Word:
rotuzzi: A rotisserie which is installed in a jacuzzi. This device allows you to roast meat while relaxing in the hot tub. You can even eat meat right off the bone from the comfort of the warm bubbling waters. Also see: jacuzzarisserie.

When we buy that hot-tub--insert guffaw here--I'm installing a rotuzzi so I can be 100% sybaritic.

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