Thursday, May 08, 2008

Breakin' my arm

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Awesomely weird afternoon.

The reason I'm "exuberant" is that I just figured out a way to keep a file on Stupid Schedule Nazi Tricks that's pretty much not going to be found by anyone at work.

Can you guess? Can you? I love technology: it's a Google Document! Google is saving it for me, and I'm virtually certain they could care less that I'm compiling a CYA list. Over the past 24 hours, I've spent time with at least four individual people who want to create their own, or a joint one, or who just are so incredibly pissed off at her ongoing antics.

The first entry: [S.N.] late to her shift at circ meaning [Librarian H] was 10 minutes late to her shift at Ref. and I was unable to leave the Ref desk till 2:15

Petty? Yes, but here's the text of an email we all received last week from the boss(which she promoted from the evaluations she did with people):
After discussing evaluations we thought that we would share some comments with everyone that might be helpful: This is the comment or request that we heard most frequently: When you are scheduled in a Department – Children’s, Reference or Circulation - please be there on time. And, really be present, not working on other projects or wandering away to other areas. Remember, service to patrons is the always the first priority. If you need to leave for a few moments, be sure that the desk is covered and that people know where you are going.
I *heart* Google!!

And, weird email today, too. Just...unbelievable. I need a "clueless" branding iron.

OK, back to the books.

Urban Word:
WSD: "Write Shit Down". A popular method of organization. Works equally well in one's personal or professional life.

Perhaps, rather than RIP, I will ask my descendents to engrave WSD on my tombstone. It's good advice no matter what the purpose.

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