Sunday, April 20, 2008

Poetry Month

Seeking Religion
by Sterling A. Brown

Lulu walked forlornly in late April twilight,
Lulu sought religion, long urged by Parson Jones,
Lulu sought the pinewoods, sought the dusky graveyard,
Fought her fears and sat among the ghostly stones.

Waiting for her visions, but not so very eager,
Lulu sat still with a crescent moon above,
Lulu dreamt dreams a creaky-jointed parson
Hadn't so much as warned her of.

Jim found Lulu sitting in the shadow,
Lulu was sobbing, her head upon her knees;
Jim spoke to Lulu, and realized her visions,
And scared off the strange things lurking in the trees.

Jim sought Lulu when harrowing was over,
The slim moon up; and with a convert's joy
Lulu sought religion in thick deep-shadowed pinewoods,
Lulu found religion in a chubby baby boy.

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