Thursday, April 17, 2008

My achin' neck!

Never a dull day...yesterday, in the midst of a pretty calm meeting, my neck started having trouble with the concept of "look right." Over the course of the night, it developed trouble with the concept of "head on pillow." Today, I can't turn it to the right (ow), or move it up or down, or tip it over my right shoulder. And, because why just have a stiff neck--that's boooorrrring--my vertigo has returned in spades. To mix metaphors.

Work today... I should pay them for letting me in. A complete bust. Except I got to see Schedule Nazi on perfect S.N. form. She's a fucking nincompoop.

The doctor sez: short-term, use the hubby's skelaxin and take some naproxen till the pain settles down. Maybe the allergy season has started messing with my ears already, so start back on the allergy meds. And rest. A lot. And if it doesn't get better by Saturday, call back to see if we can get you on some phys. therapy.

So I've kicked down a claritin and a half a skelaxin, and am waiting for Beast to arrive with my naproxen. When I melt into a puddle of relaxed and pain-free muscle tissue, just pour me into a bucket for the night.

Mood: need you ask? at least I'm not angry
Hair: looks REALLY good today dammit!
Eyes: wonderful, thank goodness, even if I am vertiginous
Listening to: BASKETBALLS on driveways! It's spring. Hurrah!

Oh, and I spent almost $200 on floral deliveries today, along with another $100 on baseball cap storage, and over $50 on gas. And I spent half an hour talking with the local nursing care facility, as a step toward what is going to be a traumatic year for Beast's dad. Beast's mom went into the hospital today to deal with fluid retention. The news on her cancer is Very Bad.


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