Sunday, April 13, 2008

I'm tired

I was awake this morning at 5 worrying about what kind of flowers to buy for the youth group. {eyeroll}

At 6 I got up and washed my hair and got everything packed for church and got dressed.

At 7:15 I hit the road to buy flowers and maybe donuts.

At 7:25 Beast called to say that Redneck Man was getting donuts, so I just got a dozen long-stemmed peach roses.

At 7:45 I arrived at church. Redneck Man and his daughter were there, but none of us had church keys. We waited for Beast.

At 7:55 I was prepping the flowers for after church.

At 8:10 we were still waiting for a couple of kids. I realized I'd left the final copy of the script at home.

At 8:15 I left the church parking lot for the 12 minute drive home.

At 8:35 I was back in church with the script. We were still missing one kid.

At 8:45 the final kid showed much for rehearsing.

At 9:00 the first worship service started.

At 9:45, give or take, we were done. A few bumps, some minor and unnoticed errors, but all was good. Lots of kudos from people as they left. Some Big Strong Men were crying after the skit.

At 10:00 we removed the back row of chairs to force people to sit CLOSE rather than leaving three empty rows in front.

At 10:25 people refilled the back row because all the other seats were taken (except in the choir section. Whatever.)

At 10:30 we lined up to do the service again. This time, they rocked the whole service, start to finish. When I came in after the skit I saw three people leaving for the bathrooms. Two of them came back still crying hard. One of the youth group girls was even teared up: "Oh, no: we made the congregation cry!"

At 11:30 we were in the midst of hearing how wonderful we were. Not us, the kids. Not us, the kids. Not us, the kids.

At 11:45 we grabbed some lunch--salad, lasagna, pizza, and lots of cookies--and sat down for the informal meeting. At some point over the next hour we sat in on the meeting and cleaned up our stuff from worship.

At 12:55 we left church. Beast came home. Sparky and I headed to the library for a Special Event.

At 1:10 we arrived at the library. We nabbed one of the last spots in the lot. Sparky disappeared to check his email. I got my name tag and reported for duty after taking a couple of ibuprofen (My Brain Aches).

At 1:30 the program began with the girls chorus from the high school. I mentioned to Sparky that the Wii was set up in the meeting room. He disappeared into Guitar Hero.

At 2:00 I had a piece of cake with frosting, Sparky continued to channel some early '70s guitar legend or another, and I schmoozed with attendees.

At 2:55 we arrived home. I had been on my feet the entire time except for the 20 minutes I sat down to eat. Not 20 minutes in a row, mind you: 20 minutes for lunch plus the cake eating.
Beast got the ceiling painted in the kitchen. He had a meeting this afternoon. I tried to log on to my work computer to get some order cards done, but it didn't work. Again. So I slept while he was at his meeting. Sparky played The Sims. We ordered pizza for dinner at 6:30, ate at 7:30, and Sparky just went up to bed. If I hadn't slept from 4:30 till 6:15, I'd be in bed too. My feet are KILLING me.

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