Friday, April 11, 2008

Dress Rehearsal

No school today, so we're having our final dress rehearsal for Youth Sunday at 11 this morning.

I was wigging out in a huge way on Wednesday, which was supposed to be our final rehearsal. Several of the kids were beyond goofy--so was the other leader--and I was tired, but I managed not to strangle anyone. I'm calmer today. I think we're probably good to go, really, but Wednesday was so uncoordinated that we all felt like we needed another run through.

Sparky, in his own inimitable way, managed to screw up his conferences last night by not turning in a major project on Monday. Everything was going swimmingly until we found out about that. He is fortunate to have a kind-hearted science teacher who is letting him turn it in today. He had to come to the library last night to use Publisher so he could finish it. Idiot. Really, just...dodo headed twit. So we have to run him to the high school before our rehearsal at church.

My head hurts this morning, also my neck and shoulders.

We have ridiculous birds around our house who appear to be suicidal. Either that or they are blind. They keep flying into our windows, even with the shades pulled. Apparently our windows are too clean and they are seeing their own reflections and trying to knock out the competition. Even boy birds are idiots!

Ruka is still skittish and shy. He only eats when no one is around. Or maybe he's not eating at all. Anyway. Buddy's his protector, so that's a relief. No fighting in the cage.

Beast is adorable. He's working at home today. I'm not supposed to be bothering him, but of course I can't help it.

But, see, I'm not knocking boys in general. Just the idiot boys.

Oh--the sun is shining. Yay, sun!!

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