Saturday, March 22, 2008


It's supposed to be good for the soul. Some people swear it's also good for our physical health to fast once in awhile.

It used to be really easy for me to fast. I could easily go without eating for a day.

It has gotten harder to do over the years, which in itself is probably why I should do it more often. The difficulty isn't in the spiritual sense (though this year is particularly hard) so much as in the physical sense. There are just so many different times in my life that I eat out of habit--rather than hunger--and today has really been an exercise in noting those times: while on the computer, while watching TV, when bored, while running errands.... There really is NO reason to eat while doing ANY of those things.

I'm really looking forward to Easter breakfast this year, even if it is just a piece of buttered toast! Maybe I'll splurge and put some honey on it too.

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