Monday, March 24, 2008


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I hadn't heard about this. But thank God for Gordon.

Hint 1: If you don't get what the big deal is, as the first commenter on his site didn' are an idiot.
Hint 2: I'm a Christian. That doesn't make me a total it seems to have done to some people.
Hint 3: This post is dedicated to Molly, because whenever I see the current Pope, I remember what she calls him, based on his creepy resemblance to a certain Star Wars character.
Here's a blessing for us today:
May your own peaceful life bring greater peace to the Earth,
and within yourself foster a limitless concern for every living creature.
Give thanks for a little and you will find a lot.
Cultivate flexibility and surrender.

10:30 p.m. Update: Gord's now getting flack for being anti-Catholic. What the hell? Apparently, a lot of people don't understand satire anymore. Picture me banging my head on the wall now.

So, to clarify for those I called idiots above: the problem with this is that the world is full of people who love to find any excuse to start killing each other. This particular event is FULL of dozens of layers of symbolic meaning, many of which I hazard that Christians are wholly unaware. It's stupid on the level of opening a half-empty gasoline can 4 feet from a campfire: sure, you aren't intending to start a conflagration, but the possibility is there, no? Or, nu?

In the end, is this going to help or hinder God's work here on earth? Is this going to cause more good or more bad? As I said in comments to Gordon, I'm quite happy that this man felt called to be baptized. I just feel that the publicity and spectacle is beyond the pale. It has nothing to do with his being baptized as a Catholic vs. Protestant whatsoever. But then again, along with Gordon, I'm pretty low-church across the board anyway.

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