Thursday, February 07, 2008

Yet another reason I'm glad to have a son:

I've never had to fake enthusiasm for a series like this one, which is introduced on the website with these words: "Princess Ellie is pony-mad!" In America and Canada, she pony-crazed, however.

I like horses fine. I know girls who loooooooooooooooove horses. They aren't pony-crazed, however. That sounds like something you'd want to get a shot to avoid.

Any horsey-girls, or parents of horsey-girls, wanna chime in?

[and look at all that damn PINK!!]

Mood: my face hurts, and therefore so does my mood
Hair: feh...well, ok, it's clean and curled, but it hurts too
Listening to: nothing because noise makes things worse; so do noisy pink

Perhaps work is not the best location for me right now?

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