Sunday, February 24, 2008

Weekend Update

Mood: Good
Hair: Just washed, partially dry (i.e. stringy)
Eyes: Good again, though still reddish
Listening to: The furnace, and Sparky in the shower

I met with the girl I'm mentoring for confirmation yesterday. We have about two months to finish the 'program' because we've been really lax about meeting since Christmas. I already feel like we're ignoring some of the major parts of the curriculum because neither of us wants to do the art projects, and I'm not thrilled about the parts like "visit a saint of the church" and "attend a funeral together." It seems really fake.

Anyway. We had a good time. It's nice to see a different perspective on what I sort of take for granted in terms of church.

Then I came home to pick up Sparky so he could help me shop for groceries--on Saturday afternoon; I'm clearly insane. We returned home and put our purchases away. Beast had been doing laundry and had swept out the garage (throwing away two shovels full of accumulated dirt, salt, and ice-melt in the process). He had also been watching golf and paying bills online. I sat down to wait my turn for the laptop...and promptly fell asleep. For two hours.

I heard from a friend last night that she has gone and done it: there is now ink under her skin. That will be interesting to see, next time we get together.

Today we have church in the morning. We are taking all the teenagers and heading to a concert tonight: Newsboys, Rush of Fools, Newworldson, and Article One. Should be fun. In between, I dunno. I'm working on updating some blog stuff, so maybe I'll keep working on that. Sparky will be cleaning his bathroom and bedroom. He was supposed to do that yesterday. Beast will be changing the oil in my truck.

Our lives = boring. That's fine.

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