Friday, February 29, 2008


Mood: I'm rather tired
Hair: Curly; I braided it wet yesterday
Eyes: Hey, they have WHITE around the irises! There's a concept I'm not overly familiar with!
Listening to: Someone plowing our street multiple times...

...because, yeah, guess what: it snew again. We haven't lived through a winter like this in well over a decade, and that was in another state further north! Sparky looked at the thermometer this morning and said, "Hey, it's actually warm out today!" The readout said 31. Welcome to the upper midwest of the U.S.!

  • I just put in round 2 of today's eyedrops.
  • I have totally updated my book blog, and my reading list in the sidebar here.
  • I have done whatever Friday memes are available.
  • I have IMd with Beast off and on all morning. I was wrong yesterday: he worked all day. But he says he's coming home early today.
  • I am trying to figure out who cleaned our driveway...or if the snow that was on it 3.5 hours ago just melted. The guy across the street is blowing out his driveway now so I'm really confused.
  • I put away the past two weeks' worth of laundry.
  • I should go to Sam's Club today, and the allergist (they are across the street from one another). Don't wanna.
  • I am going to watch last night's Survivor instead.
My life = exciting, eh?

I'm sorry, I'm just not very full of poetic things to say today (as if this is unusual), or even interesting things. I just want to sleep, and stop with the stiff shoulders. So, bye.

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