Thursday, January 31, 2008


Mood: Glad I'm home
Hair: It was curled 8 hours ago, but that was 8 hours ago
Listening to: Sparky playing his uncle's 20-year-old guitar...moving chord to actually sounds pretty good (better than I ever did)

Today at work:
  • Staff meeting: finding/using lexile scores, handling damaged material from other libraries, budget stuff
  • Email stuff...miscellaneous weirdness and I'm so behind on my listservs that I want to cry
  • Behind...ditto...library RSS feeds
  • My eyes are not handling extended periods of close work: every night this week, I've been unable to see (clearly) 10 yards in front of me by bedtime. So, I'm trying to get up and walk around and look out windows and so forth every hour or so for five minutes.
  • Cataloged all ten seasons of Stargate SG-1 (which I linked to before, when it first arrived), individually, including the special features...sorta
  • Cataloged all nine seasons of Seinfeld (which has a book with it, so it's a fucking NIGHTmare), individually, including the book...sorta
  • Cataloged 5 music CDs
  • Admired the cleanliness of C.T.'s desk {eyeroll}
  • Tried to come up with some way to 'repurpose' the nifty Stargate packaging--it's a shame to just throw it out since we have to put eveything into plastic security cases
  • Talked to Program Queen and Schedule Nazi about...weddings? WTF
  • Answer one reference question during which I wanted to drop an entire unabridged dictionary on a mom's face. I loathe homeschoolers!
  • Came home almost two hours early because of the weather.
So, between the lines...I didn't do much today. My eyes are killing me, however. Whinge.

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