Tuesday, January 01, 2008

2007 in review

I'm swiping this idea from Liz. It's a little more fleshed out than the usual blog review of re-posting the first sentence of each month's blog post. I will do that, and then the final sentence of that month.

Well. 2006 didn't suck quite as much as 2005, but it certainly ended with a ginormous amount of suckage.

I work with some very amusing people....
The world is a poorer place.

Yep, spring is right around the corner.
I've removed (well, it's still here, just in my 'drafts' folder) a post I had up this week about an incident at work. If you saw it, great. If you didn't you'll now be thoroughly confused.

More tomorrow. Or sometime.
While we were (all) gone, Sparky's school newsletter arrived.

I'll bet I have a really cute line where I ran out. :-)
Section XVI is called "The Triumph of Love.

So I'm all about chiseled features and motionless eye-candy tonight. Happy dreams.
Things I'm trying not to dwell on.

This is the worst, the loudest and boomiest it has EVER been.
Y'know, if you can't feel your fingers (or toes), it's possible that blogging is a very bad idea.

Passport is ready. Just looking for time and money.
We're goin' to the fair tonight.

Cuz, yeah: company's coming tomorrow!!
So this weekend was really relaxing.

I will giggle whenever I think of that!
It was a quarter-century ago today that my college roommate, whom I'd known about a month at that point, turned 18.

I command thee (because I'm not a LOLcat).
I LOVE the freeze-frame choice!!

"Fweedom"...hee. I'm insane.
The tree is up. I'm tired.

All in all, a satisfactory haul.

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