Saturday, December 01, 2007


The tree is up. I'm tired. Actually, we're all tired. And we have too many ornaments--the main tree is full, Beast is putting up the tiny tree downstairs with all the Trek ornaments, and we still have a half a box of unused ornaments!

It's sleeting right now. We are NOT going to Beast's party tonight, mostly because of the weather. (We are chickens.) Actually, the major concern is that we could get stuck an hour away from home, and if the power goes out at home, that would leave Sparky home alone in a house with no power during an ice storm.

I think the trip to the city to go shopping is in danger of not happening. I really don't want to deal with snow, wind, and ice tomorrow as well as teenagers and Christmas shoppers. We'll see.

Now I'm going to go put all the random empty Christmas boxes away, except for the one with the Christmas cards in it. The good news? It's not even Advent even, so we are WAAAAY ahead of things!

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