Thursday, December 20, 2007

Cookie and Bloggy Break

I've been cataloging non-stop (well, as non-stop as possible around here in the Land of Constant Emergency) since about 12:30. This is my break.

A co-worker forwarded me an email today after she showed me in Outlook mailbox earlier. She has received approximately 100 listserv emails over the last week following up on a post that was made by on a listserv she reads. Well over 98% of those follow-up emails say something to the effect of "delete me from the list" or "stop sending me email."

Hey, Librarians? Three things to think about:
  1. Listservs are old technology, and you really ought to know by now that to make changes like this, you don't email the list, you email the administrator. Different email address. Kinda like when you want to talk to circ, you don't call the director's office. Yeah. Like that. So, like, if you don't want to get mail from a listserv, you have to contact the owner, not the members.
  2. Also, when the first, oh, 20 or so, messages have come through like this, I would think the average not-so-very-techy person would think that 20 messages with the same subject heading and almost exactly the same text but from 20 different people would be a hint that what those 20 people did was wrong. So, therefore, you shouldn't expect a different outcome if you do the exact same thing. (see Insanity--Einstein Quote on)
  3. Also also, if the listserv exists specifically to discuss a specific type of "Library 2.0" technology, perhaps it might be a good idea to learn how to use "Library 1.1" technology (c. 1989) before stepping off the big cliff here. In other words, I don't think you're ready for IM, hotlinks, or even .jpgs if you still think Al Gore invented the information superhighway. If you think Second Life is something that happens post-divorce or after the kids leave the house, not an online social networking site...step off. Now. You are, in effect, hitchhiking on the autobahn.
And to do that--to step off--you must contact an administrator, NOT the listserv. If you don't know how...back away from the computer in front of you V E R R R R Y Y Y Y slowly.

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