Tuesday, November 20, 2007

School and Work = Life

My son will be driving in less than a year. Time is starting to slip away even faster than it has before. They are starting the planning process for next year's classes today, to be decided by next week. We have to haul out the course catalog and see what he's supposed to be taking for college prep. High school now is just like college used to be: you have to plan the whole four years carefully.

Meanwhile, Sparky's current English assignment is Romeo and Juliet, having read Flowers for Algernon and Of Mice and Men already. Can I take this class? I love ALL of these books!

Our living room is a mess, but in a good way: Beast got all the carpet, padding, and tack strips out yesterday and started putting in the floor at about 5. It looks like it's about 1/3 done. The kitchen is FULL of extraneous furniture, as is the front hall--getting upstairs is a little tricky.

MIL is still in the hospital, very annoyed because they didn't really do anything yesterday in terms of testing. Still in a holding pattern as far as Beast going to help out. So far, FIL is doing ok.

We are stocked for Thanksgiving either way. I'm staying away from the grocery store for the rest of the week; yesterday was a little crazy at 1 p.m. (usually a fairly quiet time to shop). I always forget that starting this week, shopping becomes a fairly intense experience for the duration of the year.

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