Thursday, October 11, 2007

Who reads their own sigs?

Pursuant to a phone call I just received, I noticed my work sig for the first time in eons:
Cat A. Loger
Cataloger/General Reference Librarian
Yellow Birdie Public Library
10-8 W. DT Way
Birdieville, USA
555 / 555-5555
mailto: cat@birdieville....
How interesting that sometime since the big blowup last winter I changed my job title [back] to "Cataloger/General Reference Librarian" from "Head of Technical Services." No further need to gild my job title-lily (which technically is Head of TS, I think).

Just another small benefit brought to me and the rest of the world to whom I write emails by the Powers That Be in our lovely, collegial consortium. Thank you, PtB {raspberries}. I am just me again. W00t.

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