Thursday, October 25, 2007

Unquiet indeed

We order large print books from Thorndike, like a kabillion other libraries. They have a special category for people like my mom who don't like sex/violence/swearing[/reality]. It's called Clean Reads. We subscribe to that, so that they send us a certain number of books in that category every few weeks. Here's the description of Clean Reads: "A mix of appealing, wholesome general fiction, mystery and romance titles. These are stories without graphic violence, explicit sexuality or strong profanity. Entertaining stories, full of encouragement, warmth and humor that you’d be comfortable giving to your grandmother!" So, sounds PERFECT for little old ladies, yeah?

We got a book this week called The Unquiet Sleeper by Norman Russell. Here's the blurb:
Ursula Holt had spent six months in a lunatic asylum for killing and maiming farm animals while sleepwalking. Like her keepers, she is convinced of her own guilt, as is her kindly uncle, Dr. Matthew Holt. Only her loyal cousin Kate and the Holts' wealthy neighbor, Alexander Skeffington, stoutly maintain Ursula's innocence. Then one of Dr. Holt's scalpels is used to cut a young American visitor's throat, and Ursula is immediately suspected.
I dunno. Mom's not going to like this plot.

The best part (read with irony, please) is when the rep from Thorndike mentioned something about a genre they call "soft rape" of which perhaps this is an example. [Correction: this designation was appended by an Amazon book discussion thread, not Thorndike. My apologies to them. Perhaps this is why I don't read Amazon book discussions...?]


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