Friday, October 12, 2007

The furniture project

The bookshelf came in last week, the TV stand a couple of weeks ago, and last night Beast and Sparky moved in the pew: Now I need to figure out a seat cushion for it (and the window seat), decide where to put Buddy--this is where he used to live--and decide about lighting. Yes, there is an overhead fixture, but I'm not sure if that works. And I need to find something for the other end of the couch here in the living room.

And a nap sounds good, too.

Addenda--Here are today's shoes: Yes, those are purple sox; deal--it's the one way Donny Osmond, Prince, and I all agree on finding joy in life. If you don't get that, you are VERY young, probably wearing uncomfortable shoes, and probably never wore Earth Shoes. These in the photo are about as close to Earth Shoes as I've been able to find. Plus, velcro. Yay!

And I found lamps (2 of 'em). We'll see if Beast likes 'em.

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