Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Talk Like a Pirate

I don't really 'do' this particular "holiday," but today it's cracking me up. First, Meebo has a feature that let's your IM responses all be 'translated' into Pirate. So it takes this sentence:
It's definitely talk like a pirate day, yo, so go on and do it!
and translates it into:
'Tis definitely talk like a buccaneer day, aye, yo, so go on and do it, Arrrr!
Mildly amusing, and freaky, because you can only see the 'translation' from the receiving end. So pardon me if my IMs are weird today.

Then I just came across this:
Pirate Psalm

Aarg! The Lord is me Cap’n
And I ain’t wantin’ nuthin’.
He shivers me timbers,
And sails me through blistering barnacles.
He refreshes me rum
And guides me
To Spanish galleons
For his booty. Aarg!

Even though I walk the plank
Over shark-infested waters,
I ain’t afeared,
For my Cap’n is wi’ me.
Along with the bo’sun
And first mate. Aarg!

He gets ready the mainsail
And broadsides the enemy,
The deck o’erflows
Wi’ powder and blood.

Surely pillage and plunder
Will be my pirate life,
And I will dwell in
Davey Jones’ Locker
Forevermore. Aarg!
(c) 2007 John Stuart
There ya go. Have a good 'un.

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