Monday, September 24, 2007

Itch itch itch

Yesterday's youth group activity was picking up garbage along the road near our church. We are fun, aren't we? Hey, we had prizes at the end. And we fed them well before we left.

And now I have a fall sunburn on my face (gotta love tetracycline!) and matching mosquito bites on my biceps. I kid you not: one on each arm, in exactly the same place. And they itch. A lot. Almost as much as my eyes.

Today I'm trying not to stare at the computer, and I'm trying to take lots of breaks and accomplish things (like laundry, and grocery shopping), and listening to music on XM. The latter has proven frustrating because of the whole radio rotation thing. I've heard the Klaxons' "It's Not Over Yet" three times, and several other songs twice. I do not like repeats. Once a day (once a week!) is sufficient for most songs!

My project today is updating my "Favorite Authors" list. Haven't done that since 2004-ish, and there are a few new names I have to go back and plug in.

My life = thrilling, eh?

The fun things that have developed are that Sparky is trying to figure out if he's going to the Homecoming dance in a couple of weeks, and my brother & sister-in-law will be in the area at the end of October. Plus, Thursday is The Big Concert for Sparky and Beast. I have to work (shucky-darn).

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