Saturday, March 11, 2006

Weekend List

I haven't done much around the house in eons. Today I'm going to try to make a clean break from the laptop and accomplish something (or, some things):

  1. Wash dishes
  2. Clear ALL kitchen counters -- at least the piles are now sorted and stacked neatly according to whose problem it is to solve)
  3. Thoroughly clean top of fridge and tops of cupboards
  4. Call about carpet cleaning -- decided to wait till the painting is done, probably when I get back from Boston
  5. Vote (absentee, because I'll be in Boston for the actual election)--and put out school referendum sign on our lawn, and take the other signs around to neighbors. We think these are "illegal" signs in our subdivision, but what are they going to do about it? Fine us? Fascists
  6. Pick up another gallon of paint to retouch the ceiling in the dining room
  7. Clean bathrooms
  8. Type up Session minutes from almost two weeks ago (before I totally forget what happened!)
  9. Get Sparky registered for summer camp -- I need to talk to the camp about a couple of questions before I send the money
  10. Call/Email about vacation in Galena this summer
  11. Make grocery list, and shop
  12. Figure out who is doing Youth Group tomorrow
  13. Make up beds with clean sheets
  14. Watch this week's TAR
  15. Make dinner
  16. Print off attendance list for tomorrow's meeting, also print off airline info (flights to Gulfport, MS)
  17. Read newspapers (Weds-today)
Meanwhile, Beast will be painting and working on the laundry. The dining room is essentially done. He's starting on the living room.

What's NOT on my list: clearing my desk. It's hopeless; it'll just have to stay messy for another couple of weeks.

So have a good Saturday all.

Updated 1:30, with addenda and comments.

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