Friday, March 10, 2006

Shoulda stood... bed.

You know what kind of day that is.

So far I've gotten my blood pressure up with a circ staff member, an issue which (I think) has been resolved. I'm steadily plowing through the giant pile of DVDs on my cart. Thank goodness OCLC will let me scan in the UPC instead of having to type ISBNs or titles to search for these DVDs. It takes about 1/10 of the time this way.

There is another 3-box order awaiting someone with time to unpack. Everything is piling up in a kind of claustrophobic disaster-area feel in the vicinity of my desk.

The music has been good today; right now it's the overture from the Broadway recording of "Camelot."

Someday I'll be in a good mood again, less eager to beat myself senseless with my stupidly high standards of behavior and accomplishment. Today, however, is emphatically NOT that day.

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