Tuesday, March 14, 2006


Here are the searches that found me today. Just today:
• school referendum key messages (scarily enough, this is from a community only about 25 miles from here…where my niece lives)
• ponytail photo from this post (3 times)
• porcupine babies photo, but I deleted this post about three months ago (27 times!)
• my boss likes to lie (my current boss doesn’t, a former boss did)
• Next Blog link on Blogger (twice)
• i have some imperfections yes but how can you throw them back at me? Lyrics (no clue how they got me; QUOTES PEOPLE!!!)
• sweet things to say to loved ones (aaahhhh….I don’t really say enough of them)
• rusesabagina pronunciation pronounced (sorry, no idea—my suggestion is to sound it out)
• www. preggo lady online video in Russia (Nope: emphatically NOT here! This search was done in India, but in Cyrillic. Odd all the way ‘round.)
• "interpersonal communication" (OMG: quotes! Hee. Even more amusing: the search took place in Vietnam)
• lloyd this much is true (Nope, sorry)
• lil' kim (which leads to the ponytail photo)
Outclicks (places people went AFTER my blog)
• make figuring out the phone number part of the interview http://normanroberts...ow-how-to-reply.html
• check this http://www.candointe...es/FortuneTeller.htm
• Kohl's http://www.kohls.com/ (this from the “preggo” search)
I'd really love to know how to get Google Images from linking people to me every time someone searches for "cute" "babies" "pictures" or some combination thereof. The link is GONE. I could be deleting the scary ponytail picture soon, too.

I'm going to bed now.

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