Monday, March 06, 2006

Monday morning

It snew yesterday. Big fluffy flakes that we could properly enjoy because, once we returned from church, we stayed home the entire afternoon and evening. It looked like Hollywood snow. Unfortunately, this morning the sky is a dark steel gray, the streets are pure black, and the snow will be turning to slop. It's supposed to warm up dramatically this week. That, at least, is a good thing!

While the snow fell yesterday, Beast was painting the dining room. He has finished the ceiling and three walls, plus the edges of the archways. I've bounced around the Dutch Boy site and can't find the colors, so I'll just tell you: the ceiling is Stormy Gray, the three walls that are done are Birches, and the arches are Wooded Path. The final wall will be Fire Weed. So far it looks fabulous.

While he did that--and during the Oscars--I finished the typo list. Now I just have to decide what to do about all the errors. The big winner was "orgin" with 73 hits.

And how about Jon Stewart? I've never seen quite so many stony-faced audience members as they showed last night. Still, I thought he did a decent job. And I was pretty happy about the winners, since I had absolutely no stake having seen none of the top movies this year. The only ones I've seen that won anything were Narnia (for makeup) and Wallace & Gromit for animation. I was happy the song won, I was happy to see Robert Altman, and listen to him--what a stitch. And I was very happy that Larry McMurtry won, and made his pitch for books, because I really think he is one of our national literary treasures. Plus (I guess) he wore jeans, which rocks.

Today I'm driving to Amy's place of work to talk about OCLC. Wheee. It'll be a good excuse to spend time together, and maybe we'll even do some work. hee I'm thinking I may stop on the way home and do some shopping for clothes for PLA. I have Christmas and birthday money to spend.

Time to force my hair into some kind of 'style' and get shoes on. Have a happy Monday.

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