Wednesday, February 15, 2006

For only the second time in almost 9 months, I've actually posted in my reflog. I expect it will be more active again for awhile now that I'm filling in some hours at the Reference Desk.

This morning I managed to catalog 40 paperback nonfiction books while listening to Launchcast, chatting with Amy and Jen!c@, and emailing the Beast.

(OK, I'd done about 35 of the books before the communication marathon began, but still...)

Then I had to do "real work." Right now I'm racing to get the latest Demand cards entered before I have to leave to pick up Sparky from school. Honestly? They won't be getting done. I need to scale back my expectations for the time being.

Just realized I have a phone message. Oh, well, I can't actually deal with it since it's a long-distance mostly-personal call. Probably. Unless there's a hidden agenda that I can write off to it being a reference question? Nope. Jon: you need to get gmail so you can chat me instead of calling me when you're bored. OK? hee

Anyway, in spite of all the bad news out there in 'net land, personal and global, I'll just leave you with this:

I dunno why. Except it made me smile.

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