Monday, September 12, 2005

You found me, now what?

In the last 60 site hits, there were 26 click-throughs from locations either unknown to me, or unknown to SiteMeter. In alpha order, they were from:
California (twice), Germany (twice), Illinois (4 times), Italy (twice), Mexico, Michigan, New York (4 times), North Carolina, Norway, Pennsylvania, Portugal, Singapore, Venezuela, Virginia, Washington, and Wisconsin (twice).

People found me, somehow, directly from these sites (parentheses are where they were using the net):

And then there are the searches:
  • spring break nudies (Canada) -- Shame on you!
  • what does "follow the Moskva" mean (Florida) -- "Moskva" is Russian for “Moscow”; in this case the Moscow River which flows through (gasp!) Moscow past Gorky Park. Never thought the Scorpions had this much depth!
  • sweet dreams quote (South Carolina) -- It’s gone. Sorry. Google-caching strikes again.
  • non-slip footies (Washington) -- And you picked this site because...?
  • sweet dreams thoughts (Mexico) -- See above re Google-caching
  • lyric of Desperado by Engle (Delaware) -- Oh boy. Where to start? The name of the group, perhaps? “The Eagles.”
  • expatriate milwaukeean (California) -- Good website, but this isn’t it?
  • jewelry signed sal swarovski crystal (California) -- Wha...? Why my site??
  • stinky red footies (United States somewhere) -- Oy. It just gets worse.
  • $454 million worth of trophy bridges for the politicians of alaska (Arkansas) -- Thank you, Keith Olbermann. The full-text is elsewhere however.
  • Chihahua (Ohio) -- Found because of another stupid search 6 months ago in which there was a typo. There are still no Chihuahuas here, tho.
  • lyrics to flavoroftheweek (Nevada) -- No. Not here.
  • pickup headace racks (Colorado) -- Speling mutch?
  • how do i become a member of lauchcast plus radio (Texas) -- It may be too advanced for you; perhaps you should try a class in how to use a search engine first.
  • "5 takes europe" greek (New York) -- Watched the show once. Don’t recall them speaking Greek, since they were in Paris!
  • almost paradise, the east hampton murder of ted ammon (United States, somewhere) -- I have no effing idea!
  • WHAT DOES THE COLOR ORANGE MEAN IN DREAMS (Pennsylvania) -- It means you don’t have a clue how to use the Internet.
So, I've got murder, nudity, stinky footies, bad spelling and politics here. How nice. I seem to be covering all bases.

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