Friday, September 02, 2005

Out in public

Right: it's a quiet day for the most part. I'm at the Ref Desk for 4 hours today. The middle school kids haven't arrived yet. But...

...some older kids--boys--just walked in. One in a tie-dye Tshirt and fisherman's hat, longish stringy/curly hair. Fine, typical teen. The other one is goth-ish, which is fine. Except for the black lipstick and a length of plasticized chain on his belt. Not real metal, but 2" links that don't clank but sort of TINKLE really insistently. And a black and white baseball cap worn backwards. And droopy black jeans.

I'm not sure this is a Fashion Emergency, but it certain qualifies as Fashion Confusion: punk? goth? wimp? dumpster-diver?

Oh, and part of his head is shaved, I think, but in no discernible pattern. Piece of work.

[addendum...I forgot the black eyeliner...]

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