Friday, September 02, 2005

Click-through and flyover

I'm obsessed with stats lately. There seem to be a lot of click-throughs tonight. My work blog is completely whack: 20 visits today, from everywhere. Weird. I'm more than just slightly freaked out that someone in my sister's town, using the same 'net provider as her family uses, was there, if only briefly.

There was a lovely, lovely sunset tonight. This will please the astronomers: I saw Venus and Saturn about t-h-i-s close tonight, shining like pinhole-flashlights in the (?south-) western sky. Very cool. The colors of the sunset though: red-pink-orange-yellow-green-light blue-dark

No, I didn't take a picture, because I wasn't thinking of that. I was trying to decompress from yet another heated exchange with Sparky. God help us both.

Work today was absolutely nuts. I got virtually nothing done in terms of tech. service anyway. I was at service desks for 4 of 8 hours. My count for Sept. thus far is about 16 books cataloged. OK, well, I did manage to input about 25 original OCLC records in the past day and half. I like doing that; I need to find a job where I can do that more often...but then I wouldn't see the goth-like confused people. Sigh...decisions, decisions.

I'm so grateful for little things today: electricity, clean water, flushing toilets, a dry house, knowing where everyone in my family is, knowing all of that will still be here tomorrow.

I tell you what: if Ray Nagin ran for ANYthing around here today, I'd vote for him in a heartbeat, knowing nothing else beyond the fact that he has the cojones to call the feds out: Get off your asses and get down here! Rock on, Ray.

I'm going to call and try to organize a blog-meeting, a long-overdue one. Then I'm getting into the bathtub for a long soak. Then I'm going to bed, so I can get up tomorrow and make bread.

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