Thursday, August 11, 2005


I've been noising about for weeks on getting up early and going for a walk in the mornings. It's beautiful in our neighborhood this time of year, and God knows I'm turning into the original Blob-o-Rama (and yes, I typed "Blog" on the first try). Well, at long last: this morning I actually got up at 6:10 after one shot at the Snooze button, got reasonably non-scary clothes on, found my sneakers (where they've been languishing most of the summer), made my hair look non-scary, and left.

"I need to bring my Walkman home so I can listen as I walk," I said to myself about 20 yards from my house.

About a quarter mile from the house, I felt a drop of water hit my arm. By the time I hit my pre-planned turnaround, I was getting dripped on quite a lot.

Yes, I picked the first morning in weeks it's rained to start walking.


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