Friday, August 12, 2005

Two entirely unrelated things

  1. Football season has commenced. The Pack won last night, 10-7.
    Terrell Owens is a jerk, or at least his agent is a jerk and he's rubbing off on T.O. But to give the man a few props (T.O.), he actually is not a bad speaker, even considering everything he said in his interview at halftime last night pissed me off.
    Ahh, the controversies of sport: totally unimportant but able to cause a rise in blood pressure anyway

  2. I mentioned that the Beast bought flowers the other day. So during the abovementioned interview, I took this photo of the actual flowers (and our fireplace) [sorry it's a little tippy; I wasn't holding the camera very still]:

    If you look really closely at the bottom you can see the top of a section of card catalog that is eventually going to be a coffee table. Because, yeah, I'm a geek.
    Right now, it makes a nice place to eat off of when we have company willing to sit on the hearth--we pull it out a bit.
    But anyway, them roses ar purty eh?

Right. Time to get started on my day. It thundered & lightninged in the middle of the night and we actually HAD RAIN. The yard may recover yet! And I have a couple of things I need to do today that can't be done tomorrow.

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