Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Neckwear (Neckware?)

Recently, someone (hmm, wonder who?) mentioned necklaces. I tend not to wear them often, although I'm not sure why. I almost always remember to grab earrings. I suspect part of it is that I spent way too much time being my mother's Official Necklace Untangler when I was young. My mom has always gone in for garish, sparkly costume jewelry: rhinestones and sparkles and fine chains. When we packed up her jewelry in January, there must have been 80. None of us kids wear necklaces like she did (does?).

I have about 70 pairs of earrings (at least). I have about 15 necklaces. Very few of the necklaces "match" the earrings, another reason I don't wear them, perhaps.

They hang on a custom-made hanger in my closet, just above the earrings, just inside the closet door:Mixed in there are the following:
  • a double-sided pendant from Iran, pre-Revolution, given to me by my mother's best friend from their grade school years when I was 12ish
  • a pendant of my mom's which she bought from Avon; not sure why I keep it--I don't like it that much, and it's painted with a pink flower...I don't like pink
  • a necklace I found on my way to jr. high school in an alley
  • fake pearls; someday I'll have real ones
  • a necklace/bracelet set I received as a gift for a wedding I was in a few years ago
  • one made in Africa out of paper beads which are painted, purchased at an alternative gift shop
  • one I purchased in the Luxor casino in Vegas a couple of years ago
  • Sparky gave me one last Christmas; The Beast gave me another for our first anniversary
  • one I got from Linda, who always gives me exquisite stuff, last Christmas
  • there's another one there from my high school years (late 70s)
  • the remainder were hand-made for me by a craftswoman...I actually wear those the most
An eclectic collection. I sometimes wonder if I'm ever going to be a real grownup. At this point, close to halfway through my life, it's looking very doubtful; I certainly won't be old and classy based on my jewelry selections.

But I like 'em, so... {shrug}.

Maybe I'll be industrious and collect my earrings for a photo. I have a story for each pair....

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