Saturday, July 23, 2005

It's clean. Clean, I say!!

I've been moaning for months about my desk at home being clotted with crap.

It is clotted no longer. It's clean. Clean enough to see the dust and pencil shavings and eraser phlegm (well, it was--I swept most of that into the trash along with 20 dead markers and a lot of catalogs and other papers). I now have a small pile of "must answer these" letters, a tidy heap of scratch paper, a large expanse of bare desk...JOY!

Found in the debris:
  • $25 worth of Dining Dough and an unknown amount on an Oberweis gift card, both received for donating blood (I got a beach towel and backpack the last time I went, too...really, people, just donate if you can--it's a great deal!)
  • my sister's guide to the London Eye, which Sparky was supposed to give back to her while he was in England....THAT didn't work, did it?
  • the July schedule of classes at a nearby Archiver's where I should never ever be allowed to shop (cha-ching!)
  • a page torn from the July 8 issue of Entertainment Weekly, because I wanted to remember to check their PopWatch site (and I haven't done so yet)
  • something I tore out of the paper a couple of Sundays ago, from an article on carrying around things (backbacks, purses, etc.), about something called a T-String. It is designed to hold your cell phone/MP-3 player attached to your arm so your hands stay free, and you don't have that odd-looking lump on your hip. This is important to me since I never carry a purse, and my hips don't exactly need help looking lumpen
  • a funny article from an even older Sunday paper about Dan Ho, described as "the Anti-Martha," and his magazine Rescue. He has a blog. I haven't read it, so someone tell me if it's worthwhile....
  • two clipped Ann Landers columns, one from 2001 and one from ... before that judging by the yellowing. The older one is "sound advice" from Mother, the other is about being "pretty good."
  • A printout I made yesterday of all the email addresses we have here at home. I need to transfer them all to our new email account, because the new place doesn't have a way to do it easily.
Now that I've typed all that, I need to get moving: Sparky and I are off to see "Peter Pan," this summer's youth play. He was in the production two years ago when they did "Oliver Twist" and we think we know at least a couple of the kids in the show. Hopefully the thunderstorms will hold off till after the play is over!

Have a great Sunday!!

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