Friday, July 22, 2005

A good change

For the first time in a very long time I have something relatively hopeful to post. Or, rather, I feel relatively hopeful for the first time in a long time.

Either way, it's a really nice feeling.

It may have to do with the walk Sparky and I took last night. He has discovered a way to the main road near us, a way that is unpassable by car, but he can now bike or walk to the nearest little market to our house without having to go a mile-and-a-half to get 4 blocks from our house. And it's legal and paved and goes past an empty field...not to mention past (some of) our Redneck neighbors, several of whom were outside their house swearing (quietly, for them) as we walked past.

That 50-foot stretch in front of their house confirmed what I've known for a few years now: I'm old. At least to society's eyes. I no longer register on the young punk-o-meter, therefore eliciting no rude comments, leers, or noises. Thank the good Lord. I can observe without being observed. woo hoo!

What else happened last night? Well, in true Cataloger form, I managed to slice open my left pointer finger. I was supposed to be chopping green onions for a really nice salad we had for dinner: pepper, lettuce, onion (with just a leeettle blood...hee), celery... The recipe calls for chopped egg, but The Beast doesn't 'do' egg, so I "grew up" the egg, instead tossing in the (chopped up) leftover chicken breast from Monday night. Then I made homemade dressing out of mayo, chili powder, brown sugar, garlic powder and grated Romano cheese. Even The Beast said it was pretty good.

I can cook when I have to. But it usually involves pain in some format or another. And, oh-by-the-way: I really hate squeezable mayo. Pointless. Just get the spoon out and attack the regular jar.

So, now I have a paper cut on my left pinky, on the top knuckle, and a slash through the top bit of my left pointer, including part of the cuticle. Good thing I'm a righty. I bled for quite awhile, replaced the bandaids at bedtime, and noticed this morning that I bled some more over night. This is going to hurt as it heals. Bummer.

The rest of the upside:
  • my mom called to check on The Beast last night. Two parts there: 1) She called us--that hasn't happened in eons; and 2) She's pulled her head out enough to think about someone besides herself.
  • we are leaving on vacation on Sunday, the kind of vacation where you just sit around. Golf is usually planned for this vacation, but not this year, so even MORE sitting around will be occurring. And it's a new rental house with a Game Room, so that could turn out to be entertaining.
  • I'm caught up at work. I'm recataloging. That's been on my plate to do for so long that it's a huge relief to actually be doing it at last.

  • Speaking of work, I need to get going. That's it for me here today.

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