Tuesday, July 19, 2005


Word of the day: verboten \ver-BOH-tun\ adjective :
forbidden; especially : prohibited by dictate
Quote(s) of the day:
I have a rock garden. Last week three of them died. --Richard Diran

Life continues to be weird.

Miss W.'s father died yesterday; her nephew fell into a fire over the weekend and has third degree burns on his arms and face.

Insurance companies are the bane of the devil.

I've seen a couple of good movies lately ("Batman Begins" and "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory") and read a couple of good books.

I've started another blog...well, really, I rehabbed the wedding schedule one I created for my family a couple of months ago...in hopes that I can focus my attention. That is, focus it on finding something good, or at least interesting, to say about every day. Right now, that's harder than it should be, harder than it usually is. Writing, which usually recharges me, is bringing me down.

I am constantly feeling as if I "really oughta be..." something:
  • cleaning the desks at home--actually cleaning ANYthing!
  • bringing in the stuff we brought home from Colordao
  • planning meals
  • watering the lawn
  • helping Sparky clean his room, which is dire...DIRE
  • calling my mom [Notice how that one is always on the list?]
  • entering receipts into our Money files

  • Then I realize that there are a lot of other things I'd like to do that I can't yet:
  • get The Beast's health back
  • figure out when to shampoo the rugs
  • pick paint colors and buy paint and start painting our ugly white walls
  • decide what to take on vacation next week
  • ask The Beast's help on multiple projects that pop into my head and then disappear like bubbles...
  • change doctors!

  • Yeah.


    It's boiling just below the surface, but there's no place to dump it out. It's not even a matter of patience anymore for a change! There's nothing I can do to make anything happen. I hate not having control of the schedule!

    And that, yes, THAT, is probably the point of this whole exercise: I shouldn't have control of the Schedule, eh?

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