Saturday, June 25, 2005


By the way, if anyone wants/needs a new email address and doesn't already use Gmail (which is Google-based, in case you don't know), send me a note--use the "Gmail" link to the left there--and I'll send you an invite. I've got 50 of these damn things, and I guarantee that once you sign up, you'll get invites of your own to spread around the universe.

I really do like Gmail. My niece fell in love with it because of all the gadget-y-ness.

I just was reminded to ask y'all about this because this boilerplate on the login page caught my eye:
Don't throw anything away.
2,332,428,338 megabytes (and counting) of free storage so you'll never need to delete another message.
My sister told me today that she's got over 1,000 emails in her inbox. SHE should be using Gmail!

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