Wednesday, May 25, 2005


I'm currently at work, because I'm dumb. Other librarians just call in sick when they're feeling lousy. And that means I get to sit at the Reference Desk coughing all over patrons, phones and keyboards. And updating the Dewey books with the additions since last year, things like "Cookery (Marmite)" (641.6) and "Long-Distance Relationships" (302.34). {Ed. note: I misspoke; these are actually new subject headings, not new Dewey numbers.}

Sparky has a half day of school today--why, no one seems to know--so I may just go home early and vegetate in front of "Ray" as soon as someone else shows up to relieve me an hour.

Silver lining? It would be worse if I were getting sick next week, say on June 3.

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