Thursday, May 26, 2005

Is this art...or really definitely NOT art?

I have to preface this by saying it's true: people are weird (and stupid) beyond belief, and you can find ANYthing on the Internet.


The full story behind (ahem!) this is here. It's not pretty, but it IS pretty damn funny. I'm so pleased to know that someone is actually spending time compiling a list [please read with irony].

I'm sensing an ugly theme here, maybe because of stress and illness. I think I'll call it quits on the blogging thing for today in hopes that my sense of humor begins to approach "normal" again. I'm staying home from work anyway. Just feel lousy. How fitting, then that today's Word of the Day is saturnine \SAT-uhr-nyn\, adjective:
1. Born under or being under the astrological influence of the planet Saturn.
2. Gloomy or sullen in disposition.
3. Having a sardonic or bitter aspect.

The onslaught begins tomorrow. The question foremost in my mind is what to feed a household containing two meat-and-potatoes eaters--one of whom eats no fish except tuna--two relatively normal eaters, and one vegetarian--who eats fish but not tuna because she's allergic? Spaghetti. Lasagna. Pizza. Macaroni and cheese. LOTS of peanut butter and jelly. There's another veggie coming next week as well. Heyulp. Hear that sound? That's my head banging on a wall.

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