Saturday, May 28, 2005

Not your typical Friday

We spent the afternoon yesterday weeding and putting down some of the mulch that was delivered. Beast also replaced another of the bird's nest shrubs (that makes three, I think, in two years). And we found an actual bird's nest; we think they are duck eggs, and I expect they've been abandoned, so that's another thing we'll have to clean up soonish. But still, a lovely sight: 7 perfect white eggs. I'll take a picture later, if I can remember.

In the process of all this [unusual] manual labor, I managed to get not one but TWO slivers in my feet, which clearly haven't toughened up yet this year! Beast had to do surgery with a pocketknife and tweezers to get one out after I limped around on it for several hours. I squeaked a lot and tried not to swear or cry and was just not very brave. One's feet have a lot of nerve endings in them.

As a result of crawling around on all fours, limping to take the weight off the injured foot, and standing on my feet all afternoon and evening I woke up at 1:00 with the most incredible ache in my legs. The only position that wasn't painful was lying with them straight, which is NOT the way I usually sleep.

The laundry for the week is done.

My niece, the bride, called several times to see how things were going. Her computer had broken down in the midst of printing place cards and other wedding paraphernalia. Her fiance got it working again, but she's at the point in wedding prep where anything off the schedule throws her completely off-stride.

I made spaghetti, a salad and garlic bread for dinner, which we finally ate about 8:30. Poor Sparky was fading; he went to bed immediately after eating. I cleaned up, loaded the dishwasher, scrubbed the stove and the copper bottoms of the pans. Waiting.

R&B's plane landed at 5. It's about a two hour drive from the airport to our house, accounting for holiday traffic and the weather. We spent about a half an hour in the basement again due to high winds and what I call "scary greenish daylight" at about 7. I began doing the whole Who Do You Call To Find Out About Accidents worrying by 8:15. They finally arrived at 9:30, after I started pacing on the porch while the Beast snored in the recliner (he's had a rough week too). Pacing on the porch is pretty useless, but it turned out to be a good thing, as they were driving up and down our road unable to see our house number. N.b.: Time to fluoresce the black numbers on the porch, or put a spotlight on them. Or something!

My dizziness is gone this morning, but the cough and sore throat is back. Sparky's being a pylon (!!) this morning. I'm going back to the recliner to read.

Happy Saturday to all. It's a sunny, beautiful day. Maybe we'll go to a minor league baseball game.

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