Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Wednesday is Hump Day

Mood: Good
Hair: Wet right now. I'll probably braid it.

Yesterday was a very weird day.

Cataloging meeting: LONG and tedious, but I'm no longer chair. Instead, we have Ponytail Ass, with new vice-chair (OK, Chair Elect) of .... {drum roll}
....our Amy. Heh. Somehow she didn't look too excited to be nominated or elected. I did hear her mumble something about looking for another job before next fall. Hmmm, wonder why.

Lunch: As usual on Meeting Day, best part of the day. This time it was because of the company. Sleek events were discussed, but we never seem to have enough time to get to everything. Cute waiter, who offered to let me slap him. Too bad he's half my age (and I reiterate: I hate hot flashes, which occur at very inopportune moments!).

Intro to the System session: I managed to find about 90 CDs from the class action lawsuit selection to bring home and catalog. The boss chose another 50 or so. The actual intro stuff was dull as dishwater. Truly lethal, in the root sense of that word.

Sweet Eyes was there, so I had several internal chuckles over that. Too bad Amy didn't attend.

It was hinted by my boss that I should probably consider volunteering for some (one?) of the new system committees that are being formed. Oh, goody.

Today: C.T. won't be at work, so I can focus on cataloging and clearing off my cart in preparation for tomorrow's exodus to the Storytime room. All our "personal" items and anything portable (my ref. shelf) has to be moved in there, along with the extra workroom carts and everything I don't get cataloged today. What a mess.

Must Get Sparky on the School Bus and Go to Work.

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