Wednesday, September 01, 2004

I'm off. No kidding, eh?

Mood: OK, a bit tired
Hair: Braided as promised, though starting to be Shaggy Braid

I'm leaving today at 2:30, in spite of Insane Schedule Woman putting me down--without checking in with me--for Ref. Desk from 3-4. Can't do it, sorry: doctor's appt. Well, actually, allergy shot and picking up my new glasses. Would like to be home before Sparky gets off the bus at 4:00, because we then have to turn around and head back to his school to pick up Market Day.

Been wondering all day how his "You are guaranteed to flunk this test" test in Science went. He said he thought he'd be the first student she ever had actually pass it (her high score so far is 30% correct). It's a pretest to determine what she needs to cover for each class. Good idea, and she really did present it as a fun, don't worry about it thing. And a challenge, obviously.

I need to pack my stuff up and get going.

(Vac. journal nearly done--maybe by Friday??)

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