Thursday, September 23, 2004

O'er the day

11:30 Colin Hay “I Just Don’t Think
Painful lyrics—not what I’d expected from the Men at Work dude. Oh, well, twenty years later, I should hope not. Possibly not what I should be listening to at work—weeping with books on late Victorian archictecture is bad form. On the other hand, my back is to the room-at-large—I can blame the sniffles on allergies today.

12:00 noon
forwarded from a coworker Yes, librarians get annoyed. It’s true. Funny, there’s no cataloging issues here… heh heh heh THANK GOD.

Kiss My Filing Indicators, but only if you’re a cataloger.

[12:25 Librarian D just called in sick—won’t be in tonight. NO, I can’t work tonight!]

This makes me sad: I love the occasional Twinkie: full-blown petroleum-flavored sugars and preservatives. Yum—it’s the taste of forbidden treats of my childhood. Much like Dr. Pepper.

[12:45 Librarian N just called in—won’t be in today. So, yes, I will be working Reference 2-3 today but, NO, I can’t stay after 3:30 because I have a chiropractor appt. The Scheduler is going nuts!]

12:50 "Here You Come Again" You know I just have to say that some days everything seems to be addressing the same issue...

Here you come again
Just when I’m about to make it work without you
You waltz right in the door
Just like you done before
And wrap my heart ’round your little finger
Here you come again
Just when I’m about to make it work without you...
Time to turn off the music: "I Will Always Love You" just began. I love that song, NOT the Whitney version!!

I need to get to the Ref Desk.

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