Thursday, September 23, 2004

I don't generally like country music, but

...I do like this CD...course, I'm only about 3 songs in at this point--I may end up hating it. ;-) Doubtful, though.

Go Steve Earle.

Actually the list of what CDs I've got here is kind of fascinating:
Metamorphosis--Rolling Stones
The Greatest and 42 Greatest Hits--Kenny Rogers
Halcyon Days--Bruce Hornsby
Sanctuary--Crosby & Nash
Live and Well--Dolly Parton
Garden State soundtrack
Reggae Gold 2004
Where You Want to Go--Taking Back Sunday
Future Soundtrack for America (from
I'm too lazy to link to 'em all, and I doubt I'll ever listen to all of them, but I've already put aside four others besides "Revolution" to listen to later.

Some days I love my job.

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