Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Changing directions a bit

Mood: Good
Hair: Clean, blown-out (not a clue, really--I must buy a mirror for my cube...)

Via one of my favorite sites comes news that the grammarians of the world have figured out how to stop arguing about new uses for old words and/or new words and/or most of the rest of the stuff they argue about. A grand idea: we just use Original English!

[Hint: if you didn't understand all the stuff about "Eats, Shoots and Leaves" this summer, and if you wouldn't know Beowulf from the Bay City Rollers, don't bother clicking.]
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I still loathe Schedule Nazi: her note to me today, on a scrap paper I'd left lying about on my desk, says "[Miss ____] sick--see J" which is just clear as sludge, wouldn't you say? Whatever! My responses to her today are remarkably bovine, although I have yet to moo.
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So back to the weorcbordtop searowundor to continue cataloging those Modern English bocs...

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