Thursday, August 26, 2004


Mood: Good
Hair: Blown out and that's it (a mess in other words)

One of the best souvenirs I bought in London was at the Globe Theatre. It's a T-shirt. I so wanted to wear it today, but I was afraid I'd be scheduled on a service desk for sure if I did. Guess what: I'm not in a public area today...sigh. Maybe Saturday??

Anyway, the shirt says:

’Sblood, you starveling,
you elf-skin,
you dried neat’s-tongue,
you bull’s pizzle,
you stock-fish!
O! for breath to utter what is like thee;
you tailor’s yard,
you sheath,
you bow-case,
you vile standing-tuck;—

[ Anyone, besides Annie want to take a guess on provenance? Only because Annie will probably know right off the bat, and the rest of us may not. ] No fair Googling!

"Vile Standing-Tuck." I'm going to be using this. Or maybe just the "standing-tuck" part, because who in the world will know that I'm insulting him (or her?) if I just can manage to say it in a pleasant tone of voice....?

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