Saturday, August 28, 2004

Search strategies

{Content edited by blogowner 9/1/04}

I've finally figured out how to do this...

  1. A*l*a N*y*lons. Huh?? [edited by siteowner 12/04]
  2. see comments Whoa! Where have I ever talked about anything like this???? WOW--I need to reread what I've been writing.
  3. "sweet dreams are made of these " well, that makes sense
  4. sweet dreams are made from [and other variations] All I can say is, get your musical quotes right, people.
  5. see comments And again, I say, where have I ever talked about this kind of thing?
Fascinating. The bacon thing is pretty minor compared to this. I'm shocked by my apparent perversion, really.

For not-regular readers: you will NOT find anything about numbers 2 or 5 on my blog. Ever. Under any circumstances. For any reason. Go somewhere else and search! But thanks for visiting...

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